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Carpet flooring is made of 100% colored and stain-resistant polypropylene, the middle layer is fiberglass to ensure dimensional stability and resist stretching and shrinkage, thickness 7 mm and comes with a manufacturer's warranty. Colorful, durable and affordable carpet tiles for those who are looking for an affordable and comfortable interior.

Rugs are soft floor coverings made of woven or sewn carpet fibers, usually consisting of a layer of top pile attached to a beam support. Carpets are commonly used indoors, in high-traffic  & low-traffic areas, and are usually wall-to-wall coverings that last 15 to 18 years before they need replacing. It provides the right balance between safety, aesthetic pleasure,  performance and comfort. Easy to install and remove without damaging adhesives or substrates, these carpet tiles and slate tiles on sale offer a variety of floor styles that allow you to customize your commercial and residential space.


Carpet tiles easily installed than rolls
If individual carpet tiles are stained or damaged, they can be replaced and removed.
With a large number of options available, creative design is possible.
It has the characteristics of wear resistance and stain resistance.
Carpet tiles are very valuable for money.




Carpet tiles are an economical, durable and good alternative to the floors of your  office or home. Ideal for busy areas, residential or commercial environments, carpet tiles could be used in creation of modern and elegant design. Our exciting new carpet collection, Fairview and Brooks, consists of eight amazing colors and two sizes, tiles and squares, and our newly created carpet tiles add color to even the most boring office space.




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