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Decorative Floor


Terrazzo floors are famous for their durability, beauty and low costs of maintenance. A mixture of recycled filler and epoxy resin. The color combination of natural recycled glass, marble and plastic foil is poured into tinted epoxy molds, which are then applied to the prepared concrete slabs. This process is followed by simultaneous grinding and polishing, and after solidification and drying, the full color of the mixture is visible. You can then use the encapsulation to create additional light and illumination.

3D ends
3D epoxy floors are often used in shopping malls, lobbies, offices, homes and homes due to their creativity, design and high strength.
The process of installation involves laying a layer of the self-leveling primer with desired painting. It is also protected with some polyurethane or transparent two-component epoxy for a perfect design. A sealant is then applied to offer a protective layer, additional light and illumination.

Precise coating for walls and floors
Precision coatings are an alternative to the concrete coatings. It could be used on concrete, wood, self-leveling, ceramic, natural stone or other surface. Beautiful graphics are available in different textures and colors on different pages to choose from. Accurate drawing requires special knowledge and skills, when designing a space we can achieve a great surface thanks to experience and sophisticated craftsmanship.




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