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Spaceplan Floors provides epoxy floors as a durable and reliable surface for commercial, industrial and residential floors. Epoxy floor coverings are typically used on concrete floors to offer high chemical resistance and heavy load performance to ensure a smooth, durable surface that could withstand high loads. Epoxy floors are needed in several warehouses and industrial buildings, the food industry and parking lots, as floors must remain intact and strong.

Epoxy floor coverings are commonly used in commercial and industrial floor coverings. Epoxy coatings are often used on concrete floors to offer a high-performance, durable and smooth surface that will last for many years and can withstand high loads. Many industries, commercial and warehouses buildings use epoxy floors to keep workers, inventory and equipment clean and safe.

Advantages of Epoxy Flooring

Fully bonded surfaces with very limited openings to prevent areas where dust and bacteria can accumulate

High resistance to frequent exposure to chemicals (acids, basic chemicals, milk, blood, wine, beverages, etc.).

Resistant to the frequent washing and easy to clean

Provides a non-slip surface even in a presence of liquid

Resistant to the mechanical stress, wear and tear caused by the constant movement of motor vehicles, such as forklifts and pallets.

It is completely impermeable to oils and liquids
Important and recurring resistance surfaces





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