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There are usually two kinds of raised floors; low availability level (cable control layer) and traditional / standard access layer. According to industry standards, the lower deck is less than 6 inches.

















This includes application type (for retail, office, data center, etc.), air distribution / cooling system unit, wiring / cable requirements (including drainage) and distribution / transportation), weight and load capacity. Raised access floor's service life is about 20 years, but care and maintenance are very important for its longevity. SpacePlan is offering services in Dubai for over 15 years.

Our installation team can install and supply a wide range of elevated floor coverings, as well as modern factory coatings, reinforcement and insulation products to meet specific design and site requirements.

Raised Flooring System
Steel laminate for open floors for installation of empty carpet tiles.
Factory-fixed surfaces such as antistatic vinyl in computer packaging with static current sensitive devices.
Special factory surfaces, i.e  marble, stone, raised floors, etc.



































Our team offers a wide range of products, from practical, inexpensive raised flooring systems and false flooring to precision handmade and customized products that meet the design and specifications of the customer. In addition to traditional products delivered directly from our warehouses, we offer prefabricated floors made of marble, granite and polished stone from all over the world, as well as Italian porcelain, natural hardwood, glass, rubber, stainless steel and terrace.

Raised floor coverings provide easy access to power supplies , data cables, voice solutions and underfloor air solutions.
By accessing floor coverings, it is easier to maintain, replace or upgrade important services in your workplace - with less interference to work environment.


Cement Core Bare Panel Technical Data


Bare Pannel Technical Data





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