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SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) flooring was the first choice in many areas due to its 100% waterproof, moisture absorbing, antibacterial, temperature resistant and other functional properties.


SPC Performance Spaceplan Floor
SPC Performance Spaceplan Floor
SPC Performance Spaceplan Floor
SPC Performance Spaceplan Floor
SPC Performance Spaceplan Floor
SPC Performance Spaceplan Floor
SPC Performance Spaceplan Floor

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Spaceplan Flooring is a well-known SPC flooring company in Dubai and has committed to providing flooring that meets the needs of consumers.




These made of limestone, PVC and plasticizers are considered to be strong and durable because they consist of many layers. It is resistant to hard scratches, the most important thing about this flooring is its waterproofing.

Problems such as humidity and floor cracks are issues for any floor, but the water absorption of SPC floors alleviates these problems and allows you to clean them properly over time. The common feature of this kind of floor is that it can be equipped with a clamp installation system, regardless of the type of socket.

Spanplan Flooring offers a wide range of the most elegant and fairly priced SPC flooring materials. Fusion Floor offers unique floors in Rio oak, sandy beige, gravel, Irish gray, acacia brown, Brandon oak, nimbus gray,  syrup maple, lava, sweet tea, hickory brown, sand brown and lemon pearl. If you’re searching for an innovative floor for your office, home or any room, SPC vinyl flooring is a good choice for you.
Our premium stone plastic (SPC) floors are made of wood with an elegant look.

SPC Flooring Material

It has a 4.5 mile solid core and a 1.5 mm thick HOA-compatible IXPE insert. Floor coverings have excellent protection against scratches. We offer two sizes of wear: 12 million and 20 million. They are designed for medium and heavy pedestrian traffic. The SPC tile core is extruded together during the process of manufacturing, which makes the product stronger and more durable than traditional vinyl flooring. It is Suitable for both commercial and residential use!




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