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PVC flooring.

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Interlocking Vinyl PVC Flooring Tiles

Although most vinyl products are traditionally glued to floor, the floating vinyl floors are becoming more popular. "Floating floor" means "without glue". Consumers have a choice of installation methods and  vinyl products. Interestingly, some vinyl products have very loose layers. The size of these products is stable; this means that it does not  contract or expand normally. Combine with other vinyl products. These are sometimes called "lockable" or "clickable" Luxury vinyl plank floors. The Floating floors can be laid directly without much preparation. Floating floors are good for installation above, below or below the level, as no glue is required.


PVC flooring.

Vinyl floors include flexible PVC panels, interlocking tiles and slabs, hard tiles that combine the vinyl and limestone floors, and soft carpet-like sheets woven from fiberglass and covered with vinyl. We offer the best Luxury vinyl Tiles flooring in Dubai and the UAE.











Durable, functional and modern Luxury vinyl offers a unique range of designs: from bright colors, abstract, black & white to the perfect reproduction of natural materials i.e wood and stone. It also feels good on the hands and offers a comfortable cushion under the feet and different finishes to offer a touch that matches the look. Durable, water-resistant, easy-to-clean vinyl is a modern choice for a modern lifestyle.



Vinyl floors have been around for decades, offering a stylish look and lasting value. There is nothing like vinyl for comfort, style and durability - at discounted price. Thanks to current technology, the Luxury vinyl floors offer modern, unique and stylish options with very similar surfaces to wood, store and tile. The latest technology and digital design allow for a natural look and incredible visual depth.




Why Choose Vinyl Flooring?


Unlike fragile floor tiles that are made of minerals, LVT floors are made of a sufficiently flexible material called floor elasticity. Laminate vinyl floors are available in the form of large rolls or  the pre-cut tiles with pre-applied glue or the necessary glue to install the film.


Multi-layer vinyl flooring provides a strong bond to the vinyl substrate.


The stabilizing layer aids to ensure the smoothness of the floor and increases the strength and stability of the floor.


High-resolution image layers give the floor a real and natural look.


The embossed layer of transparent plastic helps to protect the floor from everyday wear.


A PU protective layer provides improved protection and reduced maintenance.


All of our products might differ from the manufacturing method used by a manufacturer and the specifications shown in this illustration, so please consult our flooring experts before ordering vinyl flooring.

LVT Flooring Benefits

Regardless of which product is right for you, almost every pop-up product has some major advantages. Floating floors can be installed quickly and easily. If the noise is a problem, as in multi-storey installations, some vinyl floors may have a sound-absorbing layer in the core of product or a pop-up floor might be installed over the sound-absorbing linings.

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