PVC flooring.

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Vinyl flooring encompasses an array of products, including sheets, tiles, and planks made of flexible PVC; rigid tiles that combine vinyl and ground limestone; and soft, rug-like sheets that are woven from vinyl-coated fiberglass strands. SpacePlan offers you the Best Vinyl Flooring in Dubai & across UAE.

Tough, practical, and hygienic, modern vinyl also offers an extraordinary choice of designs: from brilliant colors, abstracts, and black and white, to perfect reproductions of natural materials such as wood and stone. It feels good too offering cushioned underfoot comfort as well as a variety of finishes to provide touch sensation that matches the looks. Hard-wearing, waterproof, and easy to clean, vinyl is the modern option for modern lifestyles.

Vinyl flooring has been around for generations and offers an elegant appearance and enduring value. Nothing brings style, durability, and comfort together quite like vinyl - and, at an affordable price. Because of today’s technology, the best vinyl flooring has modern options unique and trendy with finishes that closely resemble wood, tile, and stone. Cutting-edge technologies and digital design make natural-looking textures and great visual depth possible. 


Why Vinyl Flooring?

Unlike brittle floor tiles made of minerals, vinyl flooring is made of material that has some elasticity which gives the flooring a degree of flexibility called resilience. The wooden vinyl flooring is available in large rolls or pre-cut tiles, and either comes with pre-applied adhesive for peel-and-stick installation or requires adhesive.

Made from a number of layers, the vinyl flooring used ensures a strong bond is created which joins the vinyl to the subfloor.

A stability layer helps to ensure the flooring is laid flat and enhances the stability and strength of the floor.

A high definition photographic layer gives the flooring a realistic and natural appearance.

A Clear PVC embossed layer helps protect the floor's design from day-to-day wear and tear.

The PU Protective Layer coating provides added protection and helps reduce maintenance.

All our products vary depending on the method of production used by the manufacturer and may differ from the specifications show in in this diagram so please check with one of our flooring specialists prior to ordering your vinyl flooring.


PVC flooring.

Though most vinyl products have traditionally been glued to the floor, floating vinyl floors are on the rise. By “floating floor,” we simply mean “adhesive-free.” Consumers have options when it comes to floating vinyl products and installation methods. Surprisingly, some vinyl products may actually be loose-laid. Such products are dimensionally stable; meaning that they will not expand or contract under normal conditions. Other vinyl products are interlocking. These products are sometimes referred to as “locking” or “click” vinyl floors. Floating floors may be installed directly over most subfloors with little to no prep work. Because no adhesive is required, floating floors are suitable for above, on, or below-grade installations.

Regardless of which vinyl product works best for you, nearly all floating products share some key benefits. Floating floors may be quickly and easily installed. If noise is a concern, as it often is in multi-story units, some vinyl floors include a sound deadening layer built into the core of the product, OR floating floors may be installed over a sound deadening underlayment.

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