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SpacePlan offers many sports floor systems that are ideal for multi-purpose synthetic floor tiles, MMA, rubber flooring, tennis, volleyball, basketball, foodball handball, modular sports floors and any other indoor sports fields.























We supply high quality sports floors in Dubai and the UAE to meet your needs. Floor coverings should not interfere with your physical activity. That's why SpacePlan offers great solutions for laying traffic. We supply quality sports flooring in the UAE.

Our company specialize in providing high quality flooring products for any sports environment, including many multi-purpose spaces. Whether it is elastic synthetic surfaces, artificial flooring or the rubber floors, we can meet your specific requirements for the aesthetic satisfaction of your property. Due to its excellent wear resistance, our sports floors could be utilized for both simple and complex tasks (in various sports such as badminton, hockey, futsal, basketball, etc.).



We have selected our main customer in Dubai as the sole installer and supplier of sports floors. Impact absorption, anti-skid, sound insulation. Our floors are internationally known for their great quality and cleanliness. Ease of cleaning and wall storage capabilities make it an excellent choice for sports floors, as our team carefully inspects the site before the process of installation. During the investigation at the scene, one of our specialists will talk to you in detail. Once your offer is registered, we will give you honest and neutral advice on choosing a sports field that suits your property needs. The sports flooring industry requires experience, so our team always make sure that you are well informed and have the ability to make informed decisions.


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