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Spaceplane Flooring finds the world's most innovative and engineered wood floors, premium semi solid wood tiles and wood flooring structures while building good relationships with the world's leading wood suppliers.

Wood floors are known for their durability and strength. The main benefit of hardwood floors is that they can be leveled and painted, which prolongs the life of the floor. It is also absolutely unique, two wooden floor installations are not the same. We offer a large selection of different shapes and finishes, so something is sure to happen to you. The floor has a great influence on interior design. The main part of interior is hardwood floors. Choose the most suitable solid wood floor for the interior at a discounted price. Our wooden floors create a wonderful atmosphere in the interior. All our products are made of high quality materials. Wood floors make the floor cool.

At Spaceplanfloors, we prioritize all knowledge about our products before our customers buy! Our main goal is high quality and client satisfaction. SpacePlan also want to make the interior design of your home simple and attractive. Complements the interior design and gives a modern effect to your property. Our team is here to offer you with a long product life, color, style and flexibility.

The highest quality semi solid and hardwood floors contain wood that is very durable and easy to work with. All the best options - oak parquet, maple parquet and cherry parquet. Bamboo (grass), ash, mahogany belong to other categories. You have to pay more for more exotics like teak, geranium and mesquite. Make sure that the wooden floors you choose come from regularly harvested woods.


Common types  and their characteristics:
Red oak - Red oak is a popular choice for flooring. Pink, rough wood is dense, hard and does not corrode
White oak - white oak is brown, however it can be painted gray. Eyes as fast as red oak. harder and stronger
Birch - The color of birch varies from light yellow color to dark brown. It is softer as compare to red oak, but remains a solid wood.
Beech - beech has a very uniform brown color. It has a long service life and is shock resistant.
Pine is a pine tree with many nodes and twists. Natural, insect resistant and as strong as red oak.
Cherry tree - Light brown, cherry tree. Cherry is not often used on the ground, cause it is a soft wood. Instead, it gives a nice decorative or accent wood.
Douglas Pine - This tree is as soft and easy to sink as half a red oak. For certain ground conditions only. The Douglas Christmas tree is pink.


Laminate Wood Flooring

Laminate flooring is a durable decorative flooring material, the raw material of which is partially or completely made of natural wood, two or three layers are glued together, and for the top layer is used qualified wood. Laminate flooring isn’t just a look, it is a natural product. The easiest way to make laminate floors is to print the printed paper, support it to get the desired pattern and glue them to the board with different glues. So this is not normal. The warmth of hardwood is felt on the parquet floor. It provides a natural vibration to the environment. Free of dust. Easy to clean. Thanks to the variety of colors and options, it is an integral part of the decor.

Laminate floors are ready for use from the packaging. It also offers a comfortable environment by absorbing the high frequency sounds. They are environmentally friendly, because only the upper parts of valuable trees, whose properties gradually deteriorate, are used. Laminate floors don’t contain bacteria, pathogenic microorganisms and do not create a static environment.





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