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Spaceplane Floors source the globe to find the most innovative Solid & Engineered Wood Flooring, Luxury Vinyl Tiles, and Laminate Flooring designs whilst building exclusive relationships with the world’s premier wood suppliers.



Wood flooring is renowned for its longevity and durability. The main advantage of a real wood floor is being able to sand it down and refinish it, prolonging the life of your floor. It’s also completely unique, no two installations of a real wood floor are the same. We have an array of different styles and finishes, so there’s sure to be something to suit you. Flooring has a significant influence on the design of your interior. The central part of our interior is real wood flooring. Select the best matched real Wood Flooring at a low price for your interior. Our Wooden Flooring gives your interior a lovely feel. The best quality material is available in all our products. The Wood floor installation gives your flooring a stunning appearance.


At Spaceplanfloors, we prefer to give every knowledge regarding our product before our customer buys! This is because our first goal is to offer top quality and customer satisfaction. We also want to make your place’s interior look more basic and attractive. It completes your interior and gives your property a state-of-the-art feel. We are here to provide you with longevity, color, style, and product flexibility.


The finest hardwood floors are made of easily available and–you imagine–extremely strong timber species. All the excellent options are oak floors, maple floors, and cherry floors. Bamboo (which is a kind of grass) ash and Mahogany belong to other species. For more exotic species like teak, jarrah, and mesquite you'll pay a premium price. Make sure your chosen hardwood flooring comes from forests harvested on a sustainable basis.


Common types  and their characteristics:

Red oak - Red oak is the most famous flooring option Reddish with the coarse grain is a dense and stiff wood that does not resist abrasion

White oak – White-colored oak is brown but may be cast in gray. The grain is more swirling and similar to red oak. It is harder, longer-lasting

Birch - The color of the birch can be from light yellow to dark brownish purple. It's softer than red oak, but a powerful wood is still present.

Beech – The beech has an extremely consistent reddish-brown color. It is very long-lasting and shock-proof.

Pine - A yellowish-brown pine that contains many knots and swirls. It is natural as insect-resistant and hardy as red oak.

Cherry – It's light brown, Cherry wood. Cherry is often not used for the entire floor because it is a smooth wood. It produces a good decorative or accentuating wood instead.

Douglas fir - This wood is about half as smooth as the red oak and can dent readily. It is only suited for certain flooring circumstances. Douglas fir is a yellowish tan.


Laminate Wood Flooring

Laminated Parquet is a long-lasting and decorative flooring product, the raw material of which is all or part of natural wood, manufactured by gluing 2 or 3 layers together and using qualified wood in the top layer. Laminated flooring is not just appearance, they are natural products. Laminate flooring is produced in the simplest way, by printing the papers that are dyed with the printing method and given the desired pattern by hot press method, and then glued to the boards with different adhesive types. So they are not natural. In laminated parquet, you can feel the warmth of the real tree. It gives a natural atmosphere to the environment. It does not contain dust. It is easy to clean. It is an indispensable part of decoration because of its different colors and options.


Laminated flooring comes out of the packages as finished and ready to use. It also provides a comfortable environment acoustically by absorbing high-frequency sounds. As valuable trees, which are gradually decreasing in nature, are used only at the top, they are environment friendly. Laminated floors do not contain germs and bacteria and do not create an electrostatic environment.





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